• Done with GetSimple

    I really want to like it but there's a lot of incompatibility between plugins and themes. That and the lead developer doesn't have his heart in the project. I was hoping to move to something lightweight compared to wordpress. There's a few lightweight CMSs out there but the only other one I liked is project by some German people and as such, 90%...Read more
  • Stump in the high tunnel spot

    Removed a stump from where the high tunnel is going. I was half thinking about leaving it and waiting for it to rot, until I bought a tiller and started tilling. Then I realized how much of a pita it would be. dug and hacked with an axe and finaly broke out y old electric chain saw because I couldn't find my old chain for the Stihl. ...Read more
  • Homemade Smoker

    20 years ago, I had one of those cheap brinkmann smokers and it worked very well. Of course being thin sheet metal, it eventually rusted out. I finally got another one a few years back and couldn't get it hot enough. There are tricks and hacks to fix that but I couldn't see putting the time and effort into the cheap thing and since I have an...Read more
  • Planning a High Tunnel

    Like the high tensile fence planning post, this is what my notes look like in CherryTree, the notekeeping program I use. CherryTree is free and works on windows, mac and linux. Unlike the fence, the high tunnel might end up being different than planned. For starters, it's going in sort of a tight spot for rolling it and there's still a few stumps...Read more
  • Time for a High Tunnel

    I was updating my Planning a High Tunnel post but it was getting long & messy and so much has changed due to a cover film price change of $170.00 where I had planned to buy it. I'm now going with Farmtek film as they're more apt to have the same thing in 4 years when I need to replace it. Note To Self* Shop for deals and don't forget...Read more
  • Kunekune

    New Zealanders aka kiwis seem to have a thing for the letter "K" when it comes to naming things. Kiwi fruit, Kiko goats & Kunekune pigs. My goal is to be able to produce as much of our own food as possible, including meat. I don't eat much beef since I contracted an allergy to it....Read more
  • High Tensile Fence is Underway

    Our high tensile fence, mostly through the woods, is underway. This post is the actual work on progress. To see my planning/notes post, Click Here. I've cut 30+ trees, split and hauled out the big stuff and stacked it. I've got smaller logs laying out there that I'm bringing up a little at a time in cool mornings when the bugs aren't so bad. I...Read more
  • Incubating Chicken Eggs

    24 eggs in an incubator and today is day 9 which means I need to get my butt in gear and make a brooding pen and fix up the old coop. I was only wanting 6 hens and probably one rooster so we can have our own fertilized eggs in the future. I was reading on backyardchickens forum and pretty much everyone there says the Little Giant Still Air...Read more