Just an old blue collar guy, wife and two kids, who moved from Ctrl FL to rural Ozarks. No job for someone like me here because they take care of their own out here. The first thing anyone asks is your last name and if they don't recognize it, nope is the answer. By next year, I'll be self employed again though, building retromod trucks. Taking old truck cabs/beds and transplanting them onto a newer chassis so as to gain power disc brakes, anti-lock in the rear at least, power steering, better handling, better ride, fuel injection for more reliable engine starting, automatic overdrive transmission, better gas mileage with better acceleration and air conditioning on some. Here's my website for that. https://route66custom.com/ My trucks will be able to be used as daily drivers and as trucks and look cool as hell doing it. Aside from that, I'm very slowly turning what was a hunk of forest into a homestead, utilizing typical old school homesteading tricks, organic as possible, passive solar and permaculture. I hate waste and needless work and all these techniques will help reduce that in the long run. I'm in my mid 50s and might not be around to enjoy much of the fruits of my labor but hopefully my kids will.